Seamless Laundry Systems Integration

Streamline end-to-end processes and grow your business with Suds Online

Here’s Why Suds Online is Better

A could-first, true SaaS solution—Suds takes the worry and stress out of commercial laundry operations. No more tedious software installation and maintenance. No more back and forth clarifying customer orders. No more fees for maintaining servers and software. No more paperwork. We handle everything for you, so you can sit back and watch your business grow.

Multiuser real-time order processing

Suds Online provides a genuine real-time view of customer orders and online packing systems. The instant an order arrives, packing staff can access the details and start work without delay.

Track your RFID linen with ease

We are one of the only providers to offer complete RFID integration. Scan your RFIDs with the Suds Online mobile app to allocate and manage stock with ease

Automated customer service

With Suds Realtime Order Sync (SROS) and live ETAs, customers will be continually updated with the progress of their orders, without any additional time investment.  

Real time order notifications

Packing has never been easier

  • When a new order is created by your customers, it appears on your screen in seconds—no need to refresh.

  • Orders sync to any device with Suds Online running, eliminating the need for paperwork. You can even fulfil your order on the go.

  • With our advanced RFID integration, if your products are chipped with RFID, we will automatically detect and record the information. If you don’t currently use RFID, contact us to discuss our RFID solutions.

Sync with Xero

Make invoicing simple with Suds Online and Xero

  • 2-Way Sync Create invoices in Suds Online and send them to Xero for total visibility with just one click.

  • Sync bills, payments, suppliers and customers to Xero automatically. Any changes you make to customer information in Suds Online will automatically update in Xero

  • Remove manual data entry and eliminate human error.

  • Monitor your cashflow in real-time

  • Access your bills, payments and invoices with Xero integration to understand your true position.

  • Plug and play connection between Xero and Suds Online gives you real data to use, but won't change any Xero data unless you tell it to.

More than 5,086 customers within New Zealand are already using Suds Online to order their linen.

1 Million

Orders have generated.


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