Terms & Conditions


Suds Online Limited is referred to as Suds Online, We, Us, Our

The Client is referred to as The Client, You, Your.

Our Responsibilities

Suds Online commits to:

  1. Provide the client website design, development and website hosting services that perform the functions detailed under the agreed package or scope and additional functionality sections of the project information.

  2. To perform all services in a timely, professional manner.

  3. To respond to all client queries in a timely and professional manner.

  4. To provide a quote or estimate, before undertaking any additional work required to complete the website that has not been agreed on and stated in the project information.

  5. To employ our best efforts to remedy any functional issues after the website is built.

Your Responsibilities

Website design is a collaborative effort. As a client, you commit to:

  1. Promptly reply to our requests for logos, branding, images, and other information we require to complete your website.

  2. Follow our instructions relating to the formats we require this information so we can work with it effectively.

  3. Promptly respond to our requests for feedback and approval of design concepts.

  4. Ensure any employee or agent of your company dealing with us is authorised to make decisions relating to the project, on behalf of your company.

  5. Be responsible for making Suds Online fully aware of their website functionality requirements prior to commencing their project.

  6. The client must ensure these requirements are listed in the project information under the package functionality, or quoted under the additional functionality.
  7. Suds Online will not be obligated to undertake any additional functionality requests that are not listed in the project information or scope. If additional functionality requirements come to hand after the project has commenced, and they are within the technical scope of Suds Online's ability, they will be quoted on and agreed to before work on these aspects will commence.
Third Party Integrations

Integrations with third party systems are covered in the project proposal or quote. We are not responsible for any changes by the third party that affect the integration or stop it from working. In an instance where an integration stops working as a result of actions by the third party or actions of the client, the cost of repairing the integration is at the expense of the client.

Payment Terms

All prices quoted are including GST.
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